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Forgot your login information?

If you've forgotten your username, go to   An email containing your username will be sent to your email address. 


If you've forgotten your password, go to  This page lets you change your password to a new one that you can use to log in.

Get all your SASSIE shops at once with Advanced Search and SASS-Master

You're probably a SASSIE shopper, right?  We thought so – almost all JobSlinger Plus shoppers are.  Did you know that you can use SASS-Master to connect all your SASSIE accounts to your JobSlinger Plus account?  Doing this lets you:


  • Include ALL the shops on ALL your SASSIE job boards in your job searches – without JobSlinger Plus, you need to log onto EACH SASSIE job board to see all that company's shops!
  • Get one-click access to all your SASSIE profiles, shop logs and applications – without logging on!
  • Update ALL your SASSIE profiles at once!

For more information on connecting SASSIE accounts, see the tutorial at

"OK, I connected my SASSIE accounts -- what can I do now?"


All kinds of cool things!  Here are just a few:


  • In the SASS-Master screen, click the Log link next to one of your connected SASSIE accounts.  A new tab opens up in your browser window, taking you directly to your SASSIE account shop log – without making you log on first!  Each connected account on the SASS-Master page has several useful links for quick access to your SASSIE account: Profile for your SASSIE profile, Board to go to the job board, Apps to review your applications, Status to see your SASSIE account status, and (sometimes) ESP to take you to your extended shopper profile.
  • Click on one of the Target icons at the top of your screen (try the SASS-Watch target – the red and blue target with a silhouette of our buddy, SASS-Watch).  See the search results?  Look for the SASS-Watch icon in the left column – those are shops that came from one of your SASSIE job boards!  Now you can get them in live Target searches, SlingMe emails and texts, AND in JobDinger!
  • Go to Tools -> SASS-Sync to sync all your connected SASSIE accounts with the settings on your JobSlinger Plus profile!  For more information on syncing your SASSIE profiles, see the tutorial at

Not seeing some of your SASSIE accounts?
This is probably because we can only show SASSIE accounts for email addresses that you have verified with JobSlinger Plus  -- you can register more email addresses by going to My Account -> Email Manager (


"But I don't want to connect this SASSIE account!"
That's ok – you don't have to! You can just leave it in the "not connected" section of SASS-Master – or, if you don't want to see it at all, click the trash can icon to remove it permanently.

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