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We want you to have a good experience with JobSlinger Plus.  If you're getting stuck, don't struggle -- contact us at -- we'll be happy to help!

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If you've forgotten your username, go to   An email containing your username will be sent to your email address. 


If you've forgotten your password, go to  This page lets you change your password to a new one that you can use to log in.

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Get shops faster with SlingMe!

Hi, JobSlinger Plus member!  This email tells you all about SlingMe – one of JobSlinger Plus's most popular features.  SlingMe is our email and text notification feature – the feature that gets new shops right to you! Using SlingMe, together with your Targets,  you can get the shops you want, sent the way you want!  For example:


  • You can have all shops paying over $30 texted right to your phone
  • You can have shops close to where you live sent to your email
  • You can have retail shops (or fast food, or fine dining, or bank shops) sent to your email OR texted, as you prefer!


The thing is, SlingMe isn't turned on automatically -- you need to tell JobSlinger Plus that you want to receive those emails and texts, so that we can be sure that you really want them!  Some JS+ users have Targets that match thousands of shops, and if we decided to send emails or texts for all those shops without asking...well, that would be a Bad Thing.  So, in order to get emails and texts notifying you about new shops, you need to set up SlingMe.

Want to see how to set up SlingMe?  Watch the JobSlinger University tutorial at!

"Hold on a second...what's this 'Target' stuff? How do I know which shops you'll be sending me?"


Targets are saved shop searches. When you sign up for a JobSlinger Plus account, we automatically create three of them for you:


  • Near Home, which finds all shops within 15 miles of your home zip code
  • Big $$, which finds all shops within 25 miles of your home zip code that pay at least $30
  • SASS-Watch, which finds all shops on your connected SASSIE job boards within 20 miles of your home zip code


You can change those targets to search for different shops, or add additional Targets. JobSlinger Plus allows you to have up to five Targets.


Want to see the shops that match a Target? Look for the Target icons at the top of the screen -- they look something like this:
See the number underneath each Target?  That's the number of shops currently on our system that match that Target!  Now try clicking on the Target icon to see a listing of shops. You can always log into JobSlinger Plus and click the Target icons to see what's available -- but by using SlingMe, you can have those same shops emailed or texted to you!


For more information on creating and editing Targets, see our JobSlinger University tutorial at

Want to learn more?  View ALL of the orientation emails HERE!